4 Reasons To Buy Amish Furniture

Most of what we know about Amish, we learned during grade school. You may even remember being shocked when you first heard that most Amish do not drive automobiles. To understand why Amish Furniture is known for its master craftsmanship, you must first realize that it is more than just a style, it is a standard. Amish have passed their furniture making skills down through many generations and they do not compromise their standard of excellence. 

The horse and buggy, an iconic symbol associated with Amish, represents their choice of slow and methodical work instead of fast and convenient.  In the Amish way of life, there is a focus on simple living featuring self-sustaining communities that take an abundance of pride in daily hand crafted work, from farming to clothing and furniture.

Here are 4 reasons to buy Amish furniture:

  1. Durable Hardwood
    • Constructed of beautiful North American hardwoods, the solid wood construction of Amish furniture will stand the test of time.  When you buy Amish furniture, you are making an investment in an heirloom that will last for generations instead of being replaced every few years. A great example of this is the Amish furniture maker, Palettes by Winesburg, that are a third generation company of lumber specialists. They hand-select the best of the cherry, oak, maple, walnut or hickory tree to bring you the best quality.  They take pride in their kiln drying process that ensures that each piece of wood is moisture checked to avoid splitting or cracking, a problem rampant in imported furniture.
  2. Artistically Hand Crafted Furniture
    • When you buy Amish furniture, you are buying a work of art. Each piece is handcrafted, by a trained craftsman who has selected a piece of solid hard wood, such as oak, cherry or maple, to create your furniture. Many Amish furniture makers, like Daniel’s Amish, have custom furniture groups that are perfectly suited to your needs and have a variety of styles and options. After selecting a wood that offers strength, precision and uniformity, they take their time to bring out the character and personality of the wood and have no tolerance for imperfections. Daniel’s Amish offers 50 stunning wood finishes with 70 distinctive hardwood options. The result – a unique and perfectly handcrafted piece of furniture.
  3. Superior Construction
    • When you buy Amish furniture, you bring home an individually handcrafted piece made to order instead of from an assembly line from 100% solid (no veneer or particleboard).  Known for their attention to detail and pride in their work, the Amish never take shortcuts.  From dovetail drawers, mortise and tenon joints, and full extension drawer slides, it will be built with quality, proven furniture construction techniques that ensure long-lasting durability.
  4. Responsible and Sustainable
    • The Amish are environmentally responsible and take special care in selecting their materials for furniture production.  Their wood source is usually located within a reasonable distance to the network of Amish craftsmen so that they can reduce the carbon footprint of wood shop.  With a standard to reduce waste, the Amish community utilizes every part of the tree that is harvested, from transforming the remaining wood chips into landscaping much or using the scraps for fuel for heating or bedding for farm animals.