Doerr Design Duo

Doerr Furniture
A beautifully designed contemporary living space by Jamie Mutter.

Perhaps it’s something you thought about in the past. Maybe it’s something you’re rolling around in the back of your mind right now. You’ve decided you want your living room redone. Perhaps you want to go with a mid-century modern look with some of your uniqueness. Maybe you want to go with some classic New Orleans flavor in your space. You want that perfect look but perhaps are having trouble pin pointing it in your head. Have you thought about consulting an interior designer?

Doerr hosts a team of professional Interior Design Society (IDS) members whom can help build and mold the space in your revamping cross-hairs. As a professional member of IDS certain team members constantly receive updates on industry trends and movements. Allowing these members quick access to an extensive network of industry connections.

With a combined 26 years of deeply rooted experience the Doerr design duo made up of Jamie Mutter, Director of Design Service and Theresa Beaubouef Purcell one of 11 other Doerr design consultants can take your idea and turn it into a scene worthy of any home design magazine.

Doerr Furniture
A wonderful living space designed by Theresa Purcell

“I provide credibility. I’ve studied the trends, I can help you pin point that particular look you’re going for. I have the background as well as the connections to set your space up exactly how you want.” Purcell said.

For Mutter and Purcell the process to this free design service starts with the customer. The duo seeks out the clients likes and interests in furniture style, color and pattern design. Once they have learned this information an in-home consultation is set up.

“During the in-home consultation we like to figure out things like dimensions and layout. This is also a good time for the client to let us know what pieces they want to stay in the room, like a rug received from a loved one.” Said Mutter. “Once we have been to the clients home, heard the wants of the client and taken measurements of the spaces to be designed then we move to the design plan.

Doerr Furniture
Design layout from Theresa Purcell.

The design plan includes styles, patterns and possible pieces the client would like based on discussions between the client and designer. Floor plans and a design presentation are prepared and presented to the client. Once approval has been given then the project begins.

The Doerr design duo can be reached by appointment or walk in. Mutter typically prefers appointments where Theresa typically prefers walk-ins. She feels that walk-ins tend to be a little more adventurous. If you have any questions or would like some design pointers please call Jamie Mutter at (504) 947-0606 ext 109 or Theresa Purcell at (504) 947- 0606 ext. 110.