Finding Furniture Styles To Blend With The Flavor Of Your Neighborhood: The Marigny


Faubourg, the French word for “false town”, refers to a suburb that is governed by a city but is outside of its boundaries.  The second New Orleans suburb, the Faubourg Marigny was created in 1806 by Bernard Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, who after inheriting his father’s plantation, subdivided it and sold the land in parcels.  Originally settled by French-speaking free people of color, working class whites, and immigrants, it is now home to mix of native New Orleans and recent transplants who blend old-style and contemporary bohemianism with an overall artistic flair.


The Marigny suffered from neglect and deterioration in the 1950’s when the working class began moving to larger suburbs.  Located at the corner of Elysian Fields and Burgundy Street since 1938, Doerr Furniture has witnessed many changes to the Marigny neighborhood.  Shane Mutter, President and CEO of Doerr said the neighborhood was at its lowest point when it was filled with abandoned houses and crime was on the rise.  But in 1971 when the New Orleans City Council adopted historic zoning for the Marigny, its revitalization began.  Native New Orleanians and recent “transplants” to the Marigny renovated many of the creole and classic cottages, often saving them from the jaws of demolition.  “Now, the area surrounding us is thriving.  People continue to move here, buy houses and take the time and money to refurbish them.  The best part is you can tell they are doing it from the heart; not just to make a buck and leave,” Mutter said.


With its vibrant architecture, from quaint shotguns and colorful cottages to modern townhomes, history and urban blend into a perfect harmony in the Marigny.  And because people who live there truly appreciate art, they freely mix color and style.  As Amy Freese, Doerr’s Senior Director of Merchandising explained, “In the Marigny, they have the confidence to blend different styles, such as antiques with contemporary pieces, tend to lean towards bold and brilliant colors, and are always on the lookout for creative designs”.

The current trend in the Marigny is to purchase home furnishings that are made from repurposed and recycled materials. “The Marigny, because of its history, is a place that mixes old and new and has an appreciation for revitalized pieces,” Freese added.   For example, the coffee tables from MobCityMetals are made from the hoods of vintage automobiles.  Each piece is unique and comes with its own story and personality.

Boho themed rugs, such as Surya line are made to look aged.  They have antique patterns that have been updated to add color and artistic flair to any room.

Finally, if you are looking for that eclectic piece of functional art, try this wall art from The Recycler.  These wonderful pieces are made from recycled materials bicycles and are not only functional and repurposed, they are also a great conversation piece.

Over the last 78 years, Doerr Furniture has adapted to the changing rhythm of the Marigny, by understanding its history and current trends.  Offering a variety of quality solid wood furniture designed to fit the smaller scale of the historic homes as well as mid-century to contemporary furniture, Doerr has a style to fit every taste.