Opportunists with moral responsibility and financial opportunity

Dieckhoff I Bell Doerr Furniture
Dieckhoff I Bell End tables

Have you ever wondered what happens to scrap material from construction sites? Owners of furniture manufacture company Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made often did. The difference between David Dieckhoff and Daniel Bell from other folks is their backgrounds in construction and architecture design.

“New Orleans is undergoing a renaissance of construction and renovation. David and I feel we are in the right place at the right time and have an opportunity to save these one of a kind materials from landfills and use them to create a sustainable business model that seeks to bring high quality custom furniture into people’s homes.” Bell said.

Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made Doerr Furniture
Dieckhoff I Bell draped tables

Bell and Dieckhoff started working together 3-4 years ago when Bell rented space in the same shop as Dieckhoff. Dieckhoff comes from an architecture and design based background and worked several years in a design collective that focuses on designing and building furniture. Bell also has experience working in commercial mill-work shops which exposed him to the finer craft of furniture and cabinet making aside from his construction background which helped spark the idea for a business model.

Bell and Dieckhoff salvage materials from construction sites and create high end quality custom furniture. The two decided to make things a bit more formal after working together on projects for several years and started Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made. Belle and Dieckhoff consider themselves opportunists who have not just a moral responsibility to keep excess construction amterials out of landfills, but also a financial opportunity to create another form of income intrinsically linked to their work in construction and renovation of historical buildings.

Dieckhoff I Bell Doerr Furniture
Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made hardwood dining table

“We have done several¬†commissioned pieces together and currently have three pieces of custom furniture for sale at Doerr. A coffee table, book case and a media console. All three built from salvage wood from a construction project of mine. We are also currently working on designing and building several more pieces to exhibit at Doerr furniture.” Bell said.

If you have any questions or would like to see what  Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made pieces are up for grabs at Doerr please give us a shout at (504) 947-0606.