8 Simple Autumn Home Decor Tips

Are you bored with the traditional fall and autumn color palette? You can easily achieve a beautiful autumn or harvest look without incorporating reds and oranges into your décor. If you have a very bright color palette already existing in your home, it may be a little bit more difficult to achieve a cohesive look and feel. However, neutral color themes are a perfect candidate.

Ironically, the vast majority of the traditional autumn and harvest trademarks are neutral in color. How brightly colored is a wheat field before it is cut? Or, a stack of hay bales in an old barn out of the rain. Over the years the colors of autumn and harvest have only been likened to the changing of the leaves and the orange of the harvest moon.

A vintage or farmhouse look is a good replacement for the typical yellow, orange and red of fall. Try incorporating whitewash with gold/copper and natural items in conspicuous places such as the mantle or as centerpieces to begin your transformation.

Some great examples of natural or found objects that give off a good autumn vibe are:

  • Small, bare twigs or thin branches placed in a tall vase.
  • White pumpkins or gourds (these do occur naturally, or can be painted).
  • Twine balls, grapevine balls, acorns or corks placed in a glass bowl or jar.
  • Preserved wheat or corn stalks placed in a tall floor vase.
  • Large pinecones. You can dip these in solid colored paints or paint the tips. Gold or copper works well.
  • Burlap table runners, placemats or buntings.
  • Drift wood chunks in unique shapes.
  • Vintage newspaper or book page as wreaths or in plain wood frames.

Or, if you really do love traditional harvest colors try incorporating some of the above into your décor while using orange pumpkins and fallen leaves from your yard.

Fortunately, Doerr Furniture carries the Four Seasons Casual Furniture line that allows you to quickly and easily swap your furniture to match each season. The line includes a wide variety of slipcovered furniture that is designed to last and comes in a variety of seating styles like sectionals, accent chairs and sofas. The furniture is slipcovered in a durable, stain and fade resistant fabric that comes in 11 solid and 9 striped colors that is perfect for coordinating with seasonal décor.

You don’t have to be a slave to the mainstream ideas for a holiday color scheme, and you can always make the decorating transition easier by incorporating your existing home colors into the idea. You may even love some of the autumn décor so much that it stays well after the season has passed.