Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture: A Legacy of Handcrafted Quality

When you think of quality, solid wood furniture the first thing that comes to mind for most people is typically Amish furniture.

The term Amish isn’t just a style, it’s a standard.  Amish furniture making is a skill often passed down through many generations within a family unit, and the trained craftsmen maintain a high standard of excellence. Each craftsman hand selects the wood, and takes pains to bring out the character and personality of the wood in each piece. No two pieces are alike, and each piece of furniture is 100% solid wood without the use of particle board or laminate.

The Amish focus on simple living, and thrive on much less than what a normal suburban household views as necessary. In Amish culture, modern technological advances are shunned in preference of basic, handcrafted and hand operated technology. Each community is self-sustaining and caters to all of the basic needs of the inhabitants, from farming to clothing and furniture. This means that each item typically remains in the family for generations, and is repaired instead of thrown out when it gets worn.

The Amish culture believes in building things to last, and the solid wood construction of traditional Amish furniture ensures that the piece will stand the test of time and eventually become a family heirloom.  This means less waste, and a sound investment in a piece of furniture that will not need to be replaced in a few short years.

A premier manufacturer of true Amish furniture is Simply Amish, based in Illinois. Simply Amish follows the traditional ideals for production of Amish furniture, and maintains a very high standard of excellence in conjunction with strict sustainability responsibilities.

Simply Amish relies upon the beauty of rich American hardwoods that are sustainably harvested from slow-growth forests, as well as the skill and attention to detail of their genuine Amish craftsmen. As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings council, Simply Amish takes special care in selecting their materials for furniture production. This means that the wood is as ethically sourced and environmentally responsible as possible. In addition, all hardwood sources are located within a reasonable distance to the network of Amish craftsmen, reducing the carbon footprint of the company significantly. In an Amish community, all waste is able to be used in another fashion, whether that is as fuel for heating or cooking or as bedding for farm animals.

All Amish furniture from Simply Amish is guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner. If the piece is in need of repair or refinishing, Simply Amish will ensure that it is worked on by the original hands that crafted it. Quality is first and foremost in this industry, and Simply Amish stands by every detail.

Stop by the Doerr Furniture showroom in New Orleans to view true Amish quality at its finest. Even our president, Julian Mutter, sleeps on handcrafted Amish furniture!