Buy Your Perfect Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofas may get a bad rap but they’re lifesavers for small spaces – or any home that is expecting guests and don’t have a dedicated guest room or have lots of guests at one time. Dive in and understand your needs for your next Sleeper Sofa purchase and you will be sure to end up with your perfect match.


How much room do you have?

First and foremost you will need to understand the dimensions of the space you want to put your sleeper sofa. Not only do you need to take into account the largest width you can manage, but also the largest length for when the mattress is pulled all the way out. Another tip is to measure your doorway to the room you want to put your sleeper sofa in… after all no matter how perfect it is, if you can’t get it through the door it won’t work. There are three mattress sizes that are typical and most popular; queen, full, and twin.

The most common size for the bed in a sleeper sofa is queen size. Generally, a queen size sofa bed seats three as a sofa and is around 84 inches wide. Opened up, the mattress is typically around 60 inches wide and 72 inches long. Remember that you also need room to maneuver around the sleeper when open, as well as clearance for other furniture in the room.

If you don’t quite have enough space for a queen sleeper then look into a full mattress sleeper. The sofa is generally between a loveseat and sofa size, less than 72 inches wide. Opened up to a bed, the mattress will be around 52 inches wide, 72 inches long.

Now if you can’t make a full size work, don’t fret there are twin sizes out there too. These are best for children, but hey if it’s all you can fit into your small space it’s better than nothing and still comfortable. As a sofa, these are the size of a larger chair or small loveseat, usually around 54 inches wide or even smaller. Opened up, the mattress will be around 39 inches wide, 72 inches long.

How will you use your sleeper Sofa?

Will your sleeper sofa primarily be a sofa with guests once or twice a year? Or is this your main guest space? The more frequent you expect to use your sleeper sofa as a bed, the more important the quality of the mattress becomes.

The typical mattress in a sofa bed is fairly thin, often just a few inches thick. If cost is an issue and the bed will be rarely used, you can probably get away with the basic mattress. If the bed will be used with any regularity or your budget allows an upgrade, your guest will thank you. Read through the different types to see what might be best suited for you and be sure to ask Doerr’s Showroom staff about each type.

  • A memory foam mattress, which molds and supports your entire body comfortably, with no pressure points or stiffness
  • An air mattress, which can be inflated to the desired firmness, and gives support without putting pressure on joints
  • A traditional spring mattress, perfect if you want the feel of a traditional bed
  • High-end sleeper sofas often have frames designed to support the mattress, without the dreaded support bar running down the center

How to choose the right durability!

Most everyone in their lifetime has pulled out a sleeper sofa so you know there is extra wear and tear just by the functionality of the sofa. So to be sure you ask the right questions on durability that will last- consider this;

Your sofa sleeper should have a kiln-dried hardwood frame or combined hardwood and furniture-grade plywood. Soft wood like pine just isn’t durable enough to last and likely will force you to shop for a replacement sofa long earlier than you had anticipated.

The frame and opening mechanism in most sleepers is made of steel. When pulling out the mattress or folding it back inside, the mechanism should be smooth and easy, with no sticking, screeching or excessive effort required. Make sure to open and fold up the mattress several times on the showroom floor to make sure it’s right for you. If you have a hard time in the store it won’t get any easier when bringing it home. Additionally the frame should be smooth, without rough edges that could rip linens, damage the mattress or scratch your guests.

And like any sofa purchase, consider your upholstery type- you will have the same range of choices a normal sofa offers. See how your current furniture upholstery has held up and what you like and do not like about it to help narrow down your choices. Any upholstery with a tighter weave is going to be more durable.

Consider the style you are going for and your current room furniture as your new sleeper sofa will be a major focal point in your room. We can help match with your existing furniture by utilizing our free In-home design consultation. If anything you will be talking it out loud to help discover your style and we will be able to lead you to right options easier.

A sofa bed is one of the most practical pieces of furniture you can buy. Though your budget should always be respected, it is worth it to buy the best quality furniture you can afford, as well-made pieces will last much longer, look better, and provide more satisfaction than inexpensive, flimsy furniture.

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