You know the other day I was asked “What is your favorite color?”, and I found that I could not answer the question. My response was “I’m Jaded”. As the day went on it really bugged me that I could not quickly give my answer. What was wrong with me? Everybody else that was asked quickly responded with a definite answer. As I lay awake last night the question swirled around in my head. After all, I have been in the Furniture fashion industry for over 30 years, color is a huge part of what I do, it’s part of who I am and what drives me on a daily basis. I spend countless hours at Furniture Markets around the country looking and trying to spot the next great color trend. I pour through every Industry magazine and periodical that is published looking for that next great color trend. So, I ask myself again, “Why can I not pick out a favorite color?”

So, after hours of soul searching, I think that I have my answer. What is my favorite color you ask? Wait for it--------------------------------------

It’s ALL COLOR. Color is my favorite color. Color is one of the things that evokes emotion, it sets a mood, and it subliminally makes us feel. Color has amazing powers. It’s my new Super Hero. I realize that my whole life is driven by color. As I think about it I have never really narrowed down to a certain color family as being a “Favorite”.

Color has it’s own Psychology. I have listed below definitions and feelings that the color families have come to represent according to the Color Experts.


Red means Power, Excitement, Confidence, Lust, and Love. After all, everything pertaining to Valentine’s Day is done in the Red family.  The color ranges from a Soft Pink to a Lusty Red. In the home, a Pure Red is often used as a powerful punch of color often in a Contemporary setting. Red, when dulled down to a deep red, is often used in a Traditional setting because it evokes the feeling of Confidence and power. Powerful but not in your face like a Pure Red.


Blue is one of those colors that can mean very different things based on the Intensity of the Hue. Blue in the home used as a Dark Blue can be used to show Stability or Control. It is a very Sturdy color and is often used in a more Traditional or Transitional setting like a Den. When a Light Blue is used it will make a room feel more spiritual or have a Spa-like feeling. It has a calming effect weather used on the walls, ceiling or on furniture. It has an Open almost Spiritual feeling. Blue relates to the Earth Element SKY and Water. What is more calming than the Ocean and the Sky?


Green is one of those colors that is like a cat, it has 9 lives. Green has been used and abused through the years. It has gone from Grass green to Avocado green to Lime green to Pea green, and that is just a few. What I can tell you that green is a color of Balance, Growth and Prosperity. After all isn’t green the color of MONEY. Green is one of the colors of Royalty and Mardi Gras! It can be used in interiors to make the space feel more like you are bringing the outside in. Green is the color of life. Let’s not forget that the majority of our Plant Life is Green.


Yellow is Happy. It is the color of the happy face emoji’s. It’s the color of the Sun after all, which the last time I checked is what gives everything LIFE.  Yellows have a wide range also.  It can range from a soft pastel yellow, it can have a much more Rustic feel when a bit of brown is added to create a more Mustard shade and it can be as bright and shiny as the Sun.  Most people that gravitate to yellow love activity.  Yellow is a very active color and is quite stimulating.  Never a dull moment with Yellow.  An example of this is the interiors of McDonalds.  They use yellow to stimulate their customers to not linger.  Eat and go on.  The Yellow keeps you moving, it is not a sit and relax kind of color.

These are just a few colors in a never-ending Color Wheel. I’m not sure about you, but I have all of the emotions that are listed above and I want to feel all of these things. This is why I do not surround myself with a favorite color. I LOVE ALL COLOR. If you have learned anything from my little self-discovery I hope that it is to not limit yourself where color is concerned. You need all color to live, feel and prosper. Now go and discover new colors.