Doerr Makes Custom Furniture Easy

Custom furniture might seem like it could be hard but at Doerr Furniture we are experts in walking you through our stress-free process to get exactly what you want.  Whether it is a custom sofa, chair and ottoman, sectional, recliner, loveseat, or sleeper sofa;  we make it easy, fun, worry free and exactly what you want.

Once you have decided the room you would like your custom piece or pieces of furniture to be in, it’s best to either give us a call to let us know you are looking to create Custom furniture and would like to utilize our Complimentary In-Home Design Service to understand your space and current interior colors;   Or you will need to do a little homework on your own. If you decide to do this first step on your own, here is your checklist of items to do before you pay Doerr Furniture a visit.

  • Take a couple pictures from different angles of the room.
  • Get dimensions of the room and existing furniture- This will help determine the different sizes your custom furniture’s can be and the way it will be situated in your space.
  • Get dimensions of existing furniture and bring a cushion and throw pillow of furniture you intend to keep.
  • Are you keeping your Area rug? Take a close up clear photo of the rug so we can see colors and style.
  • Then finally come with ideas of colors you can picture your new custom furniture to be.

If this seems a bit overwhelming or you just don’t have the time; give us a call to utilize our Complimentary In-Home Design Service– This is what we do and we can get through it quickly so we can move onto the customizing furniture fun!

Flexsteel Custom Furniture process at Doerr furniture
The Flexsteel Difference- A Lifetime of Comfort, Quality & Style.

First we will look through all your homework items; Look at the samples you brought in, hear what your vision is, understand your functional needs then get into finding the frame of your new custom furniture.  Determining the frame takes about 15 minutes. With the measurements and dimensions it’s easy to narrow down the size your piece can be and the configuration.  Our top three frames with the most specials order options available are Flexsteel’s Westside, Digby and Thorton collections, all available in Fabrics and leathers.

Westside Custom Frame- Flexsteel Custom Furniture at Doerr Furniture New Orleans
Westside Collection is just one of many custom furniture collection options to choose from. When you come in to Doerr we will be sure to walk you through all your Frame options in each collection.


Speaking of Fabrics and Leathers, lets get into the second step- Fabric and Upholstery selection.  We have lots of fabric and leather upholsteries to choose from and we generally can rule out 75% of them in the first 5 minutes to get you to your top 2-3 choices. Looking and talking through each choice carefully, we guide you to your final fabric or leather decision. And of course there is time to himmm and haaaa over “if” you made the right decision. That’s why we are here, to reassure you in your choice while backing with our experience and expertise of quality furniture and design.

Flexsteel Custom Upholstery at Doerr Furniture
Choose from 1000 Fabrics or 500 Leathers

We are almost there; moving on to our final step- Accent Color, to really bring your custom piece to life in relation to the rest of your room. It’s the pop or touch of color that brings continuity throughout your space and the most fun to choose. This is the color you get to play off every time you have the desire to switch out your décor, so sharing the color you naturally lean towards will help make this decision.

Creating your custom piece will take about 1-2 hours so why not make a day of it, bring a girlfriend for moral support, go out to lunch after and have fun with it.

We have our Flexsteel Authorized Sale event starting March 12th and goes until March 31st, where all our Flexsteel custom furniture is on sale. See our Specials Page for examples of created custom furniture and pricing.

Doerr Sale Custom furniture sale - Flexsteel.