Family Furniture

Isn’t it funny how you can get sentimentally attached to things?  Sometimes a postcard, a piece of jewelry from someone special, or a recipe that’s been passed down.  For my boss, Shane, it’s a sofa. Weird? Maybe.  But it came as a wedding gift from his grandmother, so from the beginning, it was special to him.  Not to mention, this sofa was and still is wonderful; everything you think of when you think of elegance and style.  His wife loved it just as much and it became an essential piece for their new starter home, and what turns out the next 15+ years.  I want to share with you the experience they had over the years (and still going) of owning this particular sofa.  I also want to explain how the sofa is able to last so long and remain so intact over all these years, so his family could enjoy it all this time.  Here is how this sofa, its style, and its construction, became a symbol for the progression of their life and a nostalgic reminder of the years gone by:
Shane's family sofa

“We started out as newlyweds in a small condo, no more than 1000 square feet, not knowing where life was headed, but ready for anything. Instantly we went to work on making our modest space a home. Like most couples starting out, we were trying to fill in where we could with hand-me-down furniture and other household goods that we had each accumulated over the years.  Even though our new place was small, we were just beginning, and we used what we had to try and get started.

However, in the mist of this random assortment of our collected goods, we had received as a wedding gift something so nice it almost seemed out of place for our modest home.  It was beautiful; dark brown leather sofa From Bradington Young. We showcased our treasure in our living room, where, as our two-member family grew bigger and bigger, it would soon come to be appreciated for more than just it’s beauty. As my wife and I went through the stepping stones of life, the sofa was sure to follow.  In these years, we moved at least 3 times, had a kid, got a dog, had another kid, got another dog, then a cat… and so on”.

Quick fact: Through my research, I found out that Shane’s family own’s 6 pets.  2 cats, 2 dogs… but by the time I finished writing this blog he acquired yet another dog, and most recently another cat : )

“We entertained guests, hosted parties, family movie nights, and rowdy football game get-together’s.  This sofa was always there, standing sturdy and strong through it all. But this was no surprise to me.  My grandmother gave us this sofa over 15 years ago, and I knew if it came from her, it was quality!”

Ok, I feel like this calls for some background on Shane’s grandmother, AKA “Maw Maw.”:

  • Mutter is Charles Doerr Sr.’s daughter, Marilyn
  • Married Lloyd Mutter
  • Had 5 children, Julian, David, Gary, Randy, and Melanie
  • Has 5 grandchildren, Shane being one … but more on that later! ?

“In addition to having a well-connected grandmother, I also knew Bradington Young had, and still has, a strong reputation for quality and craftmanship, which is why we are proud to still carry their brand today.  Being well built and covered in leather inherently makes a sturdy sofa!”

A few things that distinguish Bradington Young from the rest:

  • 7/8” Hardwood Frames
  • Mortise and Tenon Joints
  • Eight-way Hand Tied Double Cone Coil Springs
  • Highest Quality Top Grain Leather


“But believe me, the durability would be tested! My kids are well behaved for the most part, as much as I can hope for.  But they are nevertheless MESSY!  Add the dogs, my wife, and myself, you’ve got a house full of potential sofa spoilers!  Everything you can think of: spills, marks, dog hair, dog other stuff, 3 moves…!

This sofa endured it all. Over the years, no matter what we threw at it, the sofa remained intact and still beautiful.  The frame, the cushions, the stitching- all the things that start to show wear- still there, still doing its’ job.  The leather, too, has stood the test of time (and my family)!  Now the sofa has become almost a symbol.  Something we can rely on through the messy times in life”.

“In addition to its durability and sturdiness, it’s natural beauty and elegance hasn’t gone unnoticed either.  Because every hide has different attribute’s and trait’s, each piece of leather upholstered furniture is unique.  And as with all fine natural leather, it began to patina over time, especially in places where we sit or touch the most, developing its own enriched tones. It’s like it grows character as it ages. “

By the way, this is true –

  • Top grain, Aniline Leather will behave this way and is cherished by those who seek this quality and look.
  • Semi-Aniline and Protected Leathers do not behave the same, as they are preferred for the durability added by the protective topcoat, and also for consistency in color and texture

More on this topic later ?

“It’s funny how that parallels to the sentiment I attach to it.  As I grow and my family grows, the sofa grows with us, developing a character of its own. It’s almost like the sofa has a story to tell and the narrative is our budding family!”