Holiday Hoopla – A Karen Duggan Christmas

Meet Karen Duggan:

Karen has worked at Doerr furniture for 27 years as our accountant and administrator. She works mainly in the central office, a separate building from the showroom, but her contribution to the store and the company is above and beyond.  Karen, like a lot of us, has an ever-expanding family of relatives, and let’s not forget pets and pets of relatives. They are a rowdy bunch of energetic, positive spirit, just like Karen. Every holiday she hosts this crowd at her and her husband’s home in Metairie. They feel blessed to be around family and love being hosts, but while sharing her holiday photos with me, I noticed how much wear and tear her home was subject to and how it withstood this rowdy bunch of characters. We got such a laugh over the hoopla of the holidays that I was inspired to share her pictures and fill you in on a few pointers on furniture protection and maintenance.

So…Here are a few Kodak moments from this year’s Thanksgiving (that’s due again on Christmas), and how to avoid, protect, and fix these potential disasters that Karen voluntarily exposes herself to EVERY YEAR! I hope you enjoy these moments and the lessons that come with them. 

The Family After-Dinner Crash Site

Interesting fact: this Reclining Leather Sectional is 10 years old. It was delivered on 10/27/2008, and the crowd sitting on it is Karen’s family. This is the after-dinner crashing spot.  Perfect for napping after Holiday dinner. Karen’s sofa was ordered in a protected leather which was a good call for her situation, seeing as how so many people end up on it 🙂  To learn more about how to care for your leather, click here!

More to know:

Besides the aesthetics, the inner workings and quality products that make up this Flexsteel frame is what truly helps it stand the test of time. Flexsteel stands behind their products which is clearly reflected in their warranty. The big three have a lifetime warranty on the (1) Frame, (2) the Spring System, and the (3) Cushion Cores. This is why they are such a trusted brand, as seen in Karen’s photo.

Adult Table (unless you’re grandpa in this case) vs Kids Table

There is a reason for the kids table!! If your table(s) are not plastic folding tables, like Karen’s young family members on the charming fold out chairs; then you should consider a table pad. Dining tables are mostly made of wood… think of all our table goes through; hot casserole dishes, steak knives and silverware, drinking glass condensation – (ahh!) does no one use coasters anymore? Add kids and what a disaster.

Not a problem, just need a table pad. We can order you one whether you purchased your table at Doerr or not.  We will send someone to you to customize it.  It will match your table’s stain and measurements and contains magnets that effortlessly lock them in place. Now we can all sit at one table ?                     

Which brings me to…


The Kid’s Table

Ok, so Karen, on purpose, bought crayons for the kids to write on the tablecloth which provided a canvas for them to get creative. I’m not a mom, by my own family is full of ‘em.  And let me tell ya, some mothers would freak! 

For these mothers, let me introduce performance fabrics. Life will never be the same again!!  Crayons, juice, wine, ketchup, you name it.. these fabrics can withstand it!

These fabrics are offered through many of our vendors and have an assortment of colors, and even textures. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Crayons? Cute but Risky     

Dog in Diaper

So this is the newest addition to the family, Zoey. Zoey belongs to Karen’s brother. She has the diaper because of a small infection. But don’t worry, dog is healthy, happy, and diaper free these days. 🙂

But here’s what could have gone wrong: accident on the rug, an accident on the sofa, an accident anywhere! Well, for new furniture from Doerr, we offer a Protection Plan for accidents such as these.

And now we offer a Jaws, Paws, and Claws Plan for accidents that are not diaper related 😉

The protection plan can help with other holiday mishaps as well- Just think, five years worry free of all accidents!! (which brings me back to the crayons)

Teenager Sleeping Under Rattan Sofa

No real advice here, don’t go fishing early on Christmas day and eat too much turkey at dinner.

Husband Dozing Off With Niece

Similar advice but this picture is cuter. 

I hope this advice is helpful and that it helps make the holidays merry, bright, and worry-free 😉