Protection Plan

Life Happens

Furniture is typically the third largest investment a consumer will make, behind their home and automobile. Once furniture is in the home, it is inevitable that accidents will happen. Spills, stains, rips, tears, burns, punctures, or manufacturer defects can quickly turn a once positive buying experience into worry and irritation. Our furniture protection plans are the very best in the industry at rapidly turning a concern into a positive testimonial. With a purchase as substantial as furniture for the home, we want you to have peace-of-mind knowing when accidents happen, there is a solution designed to restore or repair your investment.

Protection Plans:

Pure Balance for Fabric, Leather, and Wood

Covers accidental damage and structural failures, including all accidental stains, rips, tears, burns, punctures, scratches, gouges, dents, marks or rings, and more, as well as structural issues.  Ask your design consultant for more details

Pure Value for Area Rugs

Covers your rug for all accidental stains, rips, tears, burns, and punctures, as well as accidental damage to fringe

Care Kits:

Our protection plan's research center, the foremost industry product testing and development facility, has developed hundreds of innovative solutions designed for the care and repair of multiple furniture components including leather, fabric, microfiber, suede, nubuck, and wood.

Wood Master

-Wood Cleaner

A professional furniture and hard surface cleaner.  Cleans deep, yet is non-abrasive.  Excellent for wood and other hard furniture surfaces.  Wood cleaner is quick, efficient, environmentally safe, economical and designed to get the job done.

-Wood Polish

A delicate balance of beeswax and oil to protect, preserve and enhance the beauty of fine furniture. This product is designed for shiny gloss and semi-gloss finished like mahogany, and some cherry and maple pieces.The delicate balance of beeswax provides protection, yet will not build up.

Textile Master SOS

-Stain Away

A water-based product for removing most fresh stains on microfibers or protected textiles.  For resistant stains, use Stain Away in conjunction with the other products of kit.


A powder formulated to treat stains caused by drink, food, urine, blood, rings, water marks and yellowing, etc.

-Resistant Stain Cleaner

A product for old or resistant stains like marker, ballpoint pen, lipstick, make-up products, shoe polish and wax.  Use Resistant Stain Cleaner in conjunction with other products in the kit.

Leather Master

-Leather Soft Cleaner

A mild, water-based cleaner that can be used on all pure aniline and pigmented leathers.  It will remove grime as well as most water-based stains.  Test the cleaner on a concealed area of your sofa before using.

-Leather Protection Cream

A water-based protection cream for all types of leather except nubuck ans suede.  It protects against oil, water and alcohol stains as well as everyday dirt and grime.  It will also keep your leather lovely and soft, and when used regularly prevents pigmented leather from cracking.


*most companies recommend their leathers be cleaned or conditioned no more than every six months.