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Stickley is the premier solid wood manufacturer of heirloom quality furniture. Known for their Arts and Crafts style, Stickley offers designs that will also appeal to the more traditional or mid-century modern individual.

In the few months he spend working with Gustav Stickley, the architect, artist, and designer Harvey Ellis made his mark on Stickley furniture and American Arts and Crafts using his lighter and more decorative style. Harvey Ellis inlay patterns, including elongated floral abstracts, sailing ships, and woodland scenes, add beautiful decorative detail. Stickley’s modern interpretations are composed primarily of colorful woods like cherry, makore, English sycamore, magnolia, and bird’s-eye maple, with occasional copper rings and accents. This artist’s designs lightened Stickley’s heavier, more rectilinear pieces, adding features like overhanging tops, bowed sides, and rounded aprons to lift pieces gracefully from the ground.






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