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CATEGORIES: Adjustable Bases

Indulge in comfort with this entry-level Sealy Ease 4.0 adjustable base that gives you nearly unlimited adjustable ergonomic positions. The wireless remote keeps any position at your finger tips while the adjustable legs give you five height options.

Wireless Remote with Presets: Control your base with a wireless remote, which includes one-touch preset buttons and backlit, soft-touch function keys so you can adjust in the dark.
Zero Clearance: Fit your power base easily into your existing bedroom furniture, with or without legs. With Zero Clearance, your base will easily fit inside platform beds for a sleek, modern bedroom design.
Head and Foot Lift: Take complete control of your comfort with nearly unlimited head and foot lift positions for sitting, reading, working or watching TV.
Zero Gravity Preset: With the tap of a button, take the pressure off your back while you sleep – elevating your head and feet to closely simulate weightlessness.
Position Lock: Once you adjust to a certain position, it’s locked in for the night. No drifting back to flat while you sleep.
One-Touch Flat: One-touch button in the center of your remote immediately returns your base to the original flat position.
Child Lock Feature: Via a two-button sequence, completely lock your power base to prevent it from moving when children are present.
Battery Backup: If the base is raised during a power outage, the battery backup allows you to get back to the flat position.
Adjustable Legs: Adapt your bed to your ideal height by adjusting the legs on your base to 3, 6, 9 or 12-inches. Plus, the all-new tapered four-in-one legs offer a more premium design and can be removed for a low profile that fits seamlessly into platform bed designs.
Headboard Compatible: Brackets sold separately.



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