You deserve a beautiful bedroom. As a place to unwind or welcome guests into your home, a bedroom should be cozy and full of gorgeous details. A great bedroom design invites you to tuck the phone away, stay in bed just a little bit longer, and leave your cares at the door. At Doerr Furniture, we've curated a collection of finely crafted bedroom furniture for your home. From furniture that's sized for New Orleans downtown living to expansive pieces for homes of all sizes in our neighboring communities, you can trust Doerr Furniture to have the right piece for your needs.

Elevate Your Bedroom Furniture

An empty room doesn’t become a bedroom until you add the right furniture. Your bed is the focal point, of course, but the small touches and complementary pieces around it inspire how you'll feel every morning when you wake up. Depending on the size of your room and needs, you may choose to bring in: For smaller bedrooms, first focus on finding a bed that's the right size for your needs. Consider minimalist bedframes or frames with built-in storage to make the best use of your space. Next, look for pieces with multiple uses and functions. Gorgeously soft pillows in bold colors can add color into your space and invite lounging. Bring in a tufted bench for the foot of the bed that also comes with storage. It can be a place to rest after a long day and to tuck away cold weather blankets. With larger bedrooms, first think of how you want to use the space. Big bedrooms benefit when they're broken into different zones of use. Rugs can break up the spaces visually. For example, your bedroom may contain a set of plush chairs to enjoy your morning coffee alongside a small coffee nook. Other options include adding a cozy loveseat for reading, bringing in a vanity for getting ready in the morning, or designing a cute snoozing space for pets. For bedrooms large and small, think carefully about the materials you use for your bedframe. These will drive your room's style. Tufted or upholstered frames invoke cozy charm. Metal frames are a great on-trend choice for today's boho look. Wooden bedframes are a timeless look that are easy to mix-and-match with any accessories. Finally, mirrors allow your design to travel up the walls. They also reflect light around the room, making it appear larger. Colorful or soft meditative art, plants, lighting, and small decorations complete your design. Looking for bedroom furniture inspiration? Find it on our Pinterest boards for cozy bedrooms and simply elegant bedrooms.

A Better Guest Bedroom Experience

Add a few more touches to craft a comfortable and inviting guest bedroom. A large, plush bed can fit a variety of houseguests' needs. Invest in ultra-soft linens and blankets for a hotel-quality stay. Try not to add too many personal, intimate decorations in your guest room. Make it comfortable for different tastes and preferences. Instead, bring in high-quality functional places, like a larger dresser where they can unpack bags or an armoire for tucking away luggage. Your guests will also love having a table lamp, charging station, a water carafe, and a small tray for jewelry on nightstands. Keep extra blankets and linens in a chest. Tuck hangers and a hamper in the closet. Add mirrors so they have an additional place to get ready. Have grandkids or other children visiting often? Consider adding a cute daybed or child's bed.

Find Bedroom Furniture in New Orleans

If you're looking for bedroom furniture in New Orleans, we invite you to visit Doerr Furniture. We've been a family-owned, community-focused furniture store since 1938. From our humble beginnings as a wholesale seller of rocking chairs, we evolved into a store that offers beautifully crafted and curated furniture to our community. You'll find everything from dressers to bedframes, full bedroom sets to daybeds at Doerr Furniture. We also offer complimentary expert in-home or in-store design consultations to help you craft a bedroom you'll love. You can also get professional home delivery and set-up. Our white glove service makes it easier than ever to update your home. We're ready to help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Find us at Doerr Furniture today or get in touch with our team.