Stickley Furniture

So, you’ve learned about the advantage to owning solid wood furniture over the engineered wood pieces you can find in any store.  Among the leaders in the solid wood furniture world is Stickley Furniture.  Have you ever coveted an item in your parents or grandparents home?  An ornate china cabinet or that pedestal dining room table perhaps?  Chances are it is probably a Stickley; a beautiful, functional and durable testament to real workmanship.

Stickley furniture is entirely handmade, using the highest quality hardwoods and techniques in the industry.  These techniques include a painstaking finishing procedure that shows off the natural qualities of the wood grain.  A major factor in the sturdy construction of a Stickley piece is that they don’t rely on glue or commercial adhesives, so much as the strength of the wood itself.  Each piece of Stickley furniture is constructed using pinned mortise and tenon joinery, and dovetailed joints.  Although some glue is used in the production, each piece will be just as strong without it.

The Stickley family saw the need for ecologically sustainable furniture production, even in the early 1900’s.  So, Gustav Stickley pioneered an early conservative ethic and helped ensure that the furniture industry would not do more harm than good.  At Stickley Furniture, all of the hardwoods used come from the Appalachian and Adirondack forested regions which are currently growing faster than they are being harvested.  Some of the wood, such as the premium white oak that Stickley is famous for, can now be considered a renewable crop due to the way that it is harvested for use.  Logs are removed from private lands one at a time at the apex of the tree’s lifetime, before it can decline or die.  This tends to weed out the trees that could potentially inhibit healthy growth of the surrounding forest.

Stickley furniture is and always has been a family business; with an enduring desire to make beautiful yet functional solid wood furniture pieces that are built upon a desire for solid construction, and brilliance in design.  Each piece is meant to be an heirloom piece with lasting value, loved and used by generations.  How valuable will your Stickley furniture be in 100 years?  Just see for yourself!