The Solid Wood Furniture Advantage

Solid wood furniture is heavy, really heavy.  Unfortunately, that is the first and only thing that comes to mind when many people think of solid wood furniture.  However, what you may not know is that the advantages to owning solid wood furniture are almost boundless.

Furniture made from solid wood beats out the competition in a variety of arenas, every time.  The most prevalent question regarding furniture is, “Will it stand the test of time?”  Absolutely, and it will do so with grace.  Which is something that engineered wood products cannot boast.  Solid wood furniture is durable, and is able to withstand daily usage ranging from gentle to harsh. Imagine being able to pass down that beautiful solid wood harvest table to your children; and then to their children.

Solid wood furniture is meant to be a family heirloom, even if your grandchildren accidentally spilled paint on the surface.  Since it is solid wood, refinishing and refurbishing is easy.  Whereas refinishing engineered wood furniture is difficult or near impossible.   Have you ever spilled water on the top of a cheap table and watched it bubble up before your eyes?  Or have you ever tried to strip and replace a veneer surface?

Another great advantage to solid wood furniture is that it is sustainable.  While cutting down trees may not be your idea of sustainable, consider where engineered wood comes from and where it goes.  Most engineered wood products (plywood, veneer, particle board, etc.) will end up in a landfill after only a couple years of use, if they make it that long.  On top of that, engineered wood is typically composed of wood pieces and an adhesive or resin, making it impossible to recycle or even decompose.  Did we mention that engineered wood products take more energy to produce, and can sometimes use formaldehyde-based adhesives?  Do you really want to risk exposing your family to toxic chemicals in their favorite chair or dining room table?

In short, solid wood furniture is heavy but it is also the best bang for your buck when you stop to consider the pros and cons. Check out the solid wood pieces available from Stickley Furniture, the foremost authority in solid wood home furnishings available at Doerr Furniture in New Orleans.